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Jordi Miró


Let me introduce myself, my team and my company. My name is Jordi Miró, Wuaki.tv’s CTO. I lead the IT team, formed by 20 people nowadays. We have a backend team (mainly Ruby on Rails), frontend team (web, connected devices, tablets… many technologies), Playback Team (CDN and DRM) and System/Operations (AWS, monitoring, Puppet…).

We are growing and we have benefited from the Open Source Community and the IT community and we would like to give back.
How? There are several things we would like to do (learned from many companies we admire):

  • Open Source some of our code, tools: We have started with a small project called Strike. It is a Command line script to generate mysql dump with encrypted data. We use it to have a production data copy to work with.
  • Attending/Organizing conferences: over the last couple of years we have been attending conferences like Velocity Europe, Baruco, FOWA, Linux Con… We are helping to organize DevOps Day in Barcelona.
  • Tech Talks: We are producing our own tech talks, recording them and thinking on publishing them. Some of the material will help us in this blog. This is a forum for us to share (beer in hand) our experiences, the projects and technologies we are working with…

We would like this blog to be an open window to what our IT team is doing.
Get to know us and get to know you. Let’s see where it takes us all.

Thanks for taking your time to pass by.